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Welcome to Kaivalya

We're Emmy and Brent, the founders of Kaivalya Yoga Retreats. We are a nature-loving couple who spend most of our days surfing or in nature’s rock pools reading books in each other's company. We met (surprisingly) through practicing yoga and from there developed a strong friendship (Brent secretly fell in love straight away). 

We have both dedicated our lives to yoga and try our best to live gently on Earth. We both are heavily influenced by the Ashtanga Vinyasa style of yoga however we do not make discernment on “one” way to practice yoga. We believe there are many ways to climb the same mountain and we encourage our students to find what lands for them. With that being said, we also enjoy practicing styles of Iyengar, yin, vinyasa, and hatha yoga or just simply moving the body in ways that feel good. 


Our dharma is to help others and allow others to feel accepted, connected, and understood. Our dream is to create a space among the chaos of life so that you can slow down and take an exhale. We want you to come back to your breath, to feel the earth on your feet, and nourish your body with good food. By slowing down, we want to foster an environment that makes you feel whole again. We birthed Kaivalya with the aspiration to help people find a place where they feel at home. A place of safety that allows for transformation.

We are eternally grateful for being able to create something that is of benefit to others. We hope that Kaivalya nourishes you, just as it nourishes us. We can’t wait to meet you and for you to join our community, lifelong. 

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