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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have to have an established yoga practice to come along to our retreat?
    Not at all. Our yoga classes are for all bodies and levels. We might have more semi-advanced postures for those wanting a challenge but we will always have variations to meet all levels.
  • Can I drink alcohol on the retreat?
    No. We want to use this time away to cleanse ourselves from toxins and have a free and clear mind.
  • What should I bring on a yoga retreat?
    We recommend you bring warm clothes, yoga wear, clothes for hiking, shoes for hiking, some clothes if it gets warm, swimmers, toiletries, and any other necessary items for your wellbeing. We recommend leaving your laptop and as many digital devices as you can at home so you can use this time to unplug.
  • Will I have to bring food?
    Not at all. Our personal nutritionist or cook is coming on board to cook nourishing, sustainable, healthy meals for all the guests. If you require extra snacks you are welcome to bring them along but we ask that it is nutritious.
  • Do I have to come to all the yoga sessions?
    No. This is your time to listen to your body and all sessions are welcomed but not forced. We encourage you to attend as many yoga classes as possible for deeper connection, however, we do not make it a requirement.
  • Do I have to pay upfront?
    We require a $500 AUD deposit to secure your spot and require the full payment 4 weeks before the retreat.
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