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Kaiyvalya Retreats

Kaivalya (sanskrit: “surrender and solidity”)

The utmost supreme state of being free from ignorance and allowing freedom of your being. Kaivalya’s three pillars are connection, compassion, and community as we believe these are the fruits for a real, authentic life.




Byron Bay, NSW | 19-22 Sep, 2024

A four-day fully catered retreat on a beautiful private sanctuary in Byron Bay.




Lombok, Indonesia | Oct 18 - 25, 2024

Join us for a memorable retreat as we take you on a transformative surf and yoga journey to the enchanting island of Lombok, Indonesia. Experience the sacredness of this land with us.

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Kaivalya Retreats Compassion

COMPASSION (Sanskrit: Karuna) is at the heart of yoga and meditation.


It is an aspiration, to free all from suffering.  We are not separate from others. We all share the same longing for love, connection, community, and happiness which is our Divine Spirit.

Compassion calls us to feel our kindred spirit with all of life. Their suffering is ours. Realizing that we all suffer together, the ego softens and we feel more One with all that is.

Kaivalya Community

COMMUNITY (Sanskrit: Sangha) 

Being part of a healthy, engaging community gives us a sense of belonging and connection. It allows us to share personal relatedness and perpetuates growth within our being. By cultivating a sense of wholeness inside our bodies through yoga and meditation, we begin to experience a sense of belonging in ourselves. By having a felt sense of belonging, we begin to experience peace. When there is peace within ourselves, there is peace within our community. 

Kaivalya Connection

CONNECTION Connection to self, the connection within the community, and the connection to Mother Earth.


To deepen our roots in connection, we must first find peace within ourselves. We hope that our retreats foster an environment for greater insight into your true Self. Kaivalya hopes to build a tribe of life-long, genuine, authentic friendships where we can become vulnerable and open with each other.
Together we are stronger. 



We have both dedicated our lives to yoga and try our best to live gently on Earth.  We believe there are many ways to climb the same mountain and we encourage our students to find what lands for them. 

Our dharma is to help others and allow others to feel accepted, connected, and understood. Our dream is to create a space among the chaos of life so that you can slow down, take an exhale, and gain greater insight into your true nature.


We want you to come back to your breath, to feel the earth on your feet, and nourish your body with good food. We want to foster an environment that makes you feel whole again through movement, play, and mindfulness. We birthed Kaivalya with the aspiration to help people find a place where they feel at home and experience joy. A place of safety that allows for transformation.

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